Welcome to GEN-3Secure Total Security System

GEN-3Secure Total Security System uses the most technologically advanced anti-theft products for both vehicles and homes, "Smartwater".

SmartWater can withstand a range of operating conditions including long term exposure to sunlight and extremes in temperature, making it virtually impossible to remove. SmartWater is simply applied to inconspicuous areas of your valuables, making them forensically traceable back to your address. Traceability is something that criminals hate, and because they know that Police are checking property for SmartWater they’ll give anything protected a wide berth.

  • Identified property returned to you at no cost.
  • Our scientists attend court on your behalf at no cost.
  • Database operated to highest international standard (ISO27001).
  • Subscription to SmartWater's newsletter featuring crime reduction successes.
  • High visibility deterrent signs to display around your home.

Protect your new car with the most advanced security system Smartwater can protect:-

  • Alloy wheels
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Plastics
  • Roof Racks

Its not just your car GEN-3Secure Total Security System protects but your keys as well including in the pack totally FREE OF CHARGE is the state of the art Boomerang Tag Key Recovery System.

  • The Boomerang-Tag is a high quality key fob with a unique reference number and the offer of a £10 reward to the finder if your keys are lost.
  • Completely Complementary
  • Simply attach the fob to your keys and return the completed registration slip to us

The Benefits

  • Annual cover for locksmiths charges, new locks and keys, car hire and onward transport costs.
  • Up to 3 days car hire if you are stranded or your car is unusable as a result of lost, stolen or broken keys.
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year Emergency Helpline.
  • £10 reward payable to the finder of your keys.
  • Any key attached to the fob is covered.
  • There is NO excess payable.
  • You can make a claim without losing your No-Claims Bonus on other policies.
  • Full details of cover and terms and conditions can be found at :-